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BIO EDUCATION: Started studying to be a Comic Book Artist at The Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic ARts, took some fine art classes at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and finally settled into studying Film Making at Columbia College of Chicago. Left Columbia, bought a 16mm Bolex EBM, converted my Comic Collection into an Animation motor, and cannibalized some old 16 mm projectors to build a rotoscope. produced a lot of experimental Film, Animation and Art, and a Music Video that opened the professional doors for me. PROFESSIONAL: created an Advertising Portfolio Book embracing A "Mad Magazine" does Advertising contrivance, called some Ad agency HR departments, lined up interviews to show my book, and got a job at Leo Burnett as an Art Director for National Broadcast Commercials. Worked for Clients like McDonalds - Nintendo - Kelloggs - Samsonite - Heinz - Miller. SAW THE COMING of the Digital Revolution first hand and enthusiastically joined. Partnered in with an SF Bay Area Multi Media company. worked as the In-House Director - Lead Creative - and lead 2D Artist / Animator and then moved on to contracting. during this period, worked on projects that ranged from TV to Industrial - 3D Games to Commercial Illustration, and garnered awards for 2D Digital animation, Flash Animation, Web design and 2D Digital Art / Painting. Current professional focus is on designing Digital Animation Tools and Toys - personally focusing on creating Fine Digital Painting /Art, and producing, directing and animating cost effective, impactful, media.